Lots of ladies may know that there are several different types of tweezers, but the average gent may not because, let’s face it, women use them more often than guys do. But, tweezers are an important tool for fellas to have too. It’s just that we don’t realize it until the time comes that we need to use a set.

If you are one of those guys who needs a sort of ‘Tweezer 101’ introduction, or if you need to know which are the best ones on the market right now in different styles of tweezers, here’s a guide to help you out.

The Different Types of Tweezers

Slanted-tip Tweezers

The most commonly used set of tweezers are the classic slanted-tip tweezers. You would use the slanted edge to pluck various hairs that can be grabbed from the top or the middle, and the point can be used for hair plucking that needs a little more precision.

Point-tip Tweezers

Sometimes men and women have problems with out-of-place hairs that are either very thin or very short. This is when you would consider using a set of point-tip tweezers. At first sight, people see the sharp tip and consider them dangerous to use, and they very well can be if your hands aren’t steady. But these can come in handy if you need to remove a splinter, and women who like to exclusively design their nails use them to pick up and put into place small pieces like rhinestones.

Pointed-slant Tweezers

The next type of tweezer is what you would get if you blended a pair of classic slant-tip and a set of point-tip tweezers, the pointed-slant tweezer. This one is the best of both worlds, because you have the option of using the slanted edge or the tip. Still, the sharpness on this set is not to be compared to a regular set of point-tip tweezers, with point-tips being spikier.

Round-tip Tweezers

These are probably the safest kind of tweezers that you can use. Granted they don’t have all the grabbing ability of the previously mentioned ones, they do allow you to grab hairs from different angles. A round-tip set will be able to grab hold of a good bit of hairs at once, but they are not good for tweezing one or two hairs accurately.

Flat-tip Tweezers

Guys barely use flat-tip tweezers, but women use them a lot for things like eyelashes. These are not really good for tugging out hairs, because they will normally grab onto way too many of them at once, and leave the area you wanted to groom looking uneven.

Arched-claw Tweezers

Sometimes, if you are tweezing in a certain area of your body, it can be hard to actually see the amount of hair that you are grabbing. This is where a set of arched claw tweezers come in handy, because the tip is widened enough for you to better view the area you are pulling from. The tip on this kind is flat, so they are also safe to use in most grooming tasks.

Wide-grip Tweezers

These are the largest kind you can buy. They are for those folks who feel that they need to get more of their hands around a set of tweezers in order to do a good job, but many men and women still think they are way to big to use properly. It just depends on the person and what they are using them for.

What are Tweezers Good For?

Grooming Eyebrows/Preventing Unibrows

When you try to brush down your eyebrows, there is always one or two hairs that just won’t flatten out. After using everything from lotion to petroleum jelly to even licking your finger and trying to use your saliva to make it stay down (you know you’ve done it before), then you may decide that the hair must go. And, a set of tweezers is perfect. You could use the classic set of slanted-tips for this particular grooming task. But, if you are trying to remove hairs that are starting a unibrow, a pointed-slant set would likely help you more, being that you would probably go back and forth from using the slanted edge to the point-tip, depending on how deeply imbedded the hairs are. Round-tips are good for this grooming task, too.

Touching Up Beards and Mustaches

When you rub the part of your beard under your chin that you cannot see, do you feel any uneven places on your skin? The bumpy texture could have developed over time, and could have been caused by anything from a bad razor to you using a cream that didn’t agree with your skin. Sometimes, when this happens, the hairs that grow in those uneven places need to be pulled from of the bump they are protruding out of. This is where a good set of arched-claw or pointed-slant tweezers could help you out.

Invisible Nose Hairs

The rest of your nose hairs may behave, but there are some that just have to show themselves to the public at unexpected times. This is what is called a Type II nose hair, one that coils and uncoils at random moments (Type I nose hairs are always straight, long and conspicuous). Whether you have more random appearances of your Type I or Type II nose hairs, a pointed-slant or a slanted-tip set of tweezers would grab onto them nicely. But, grab a cloth and a piece of ice to numb the side of the nose you are pulling from before tweezing to reduce possible pain.

Removing Blackheads

Instead of trying to use your fingertips to squeeze the skin together and grab at a couple of blackheads, maybe you could give a set of classic slanted tip or pointed-tip tweezers a try.

Removing Splinters

If you are an outdoorsman, then you know a thing or two about splinters. You should never leave them in for extended amounts of time, because they can cause fungal infections. One sign of this type of infection is when a person begins to see red bumps in a line after the splinter. You could use a pointed-tip, slanted tip, a pointed-slant tip, or even an arched claw set of tweezers, depending on how deep the splinter is. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable using a set of tweezers in fear that you may hurt yourself or make the situation worse, it’s always better to see a medical professional.

5 Best Tweezers

Lifestance 4-Piece Precision Tweezers

Best All-Around Tweezers

For the best all-around tweezers, we needed to narrow it down to a great set, the Lifestance 4-Piece Precision Tweezers, because there are several different types that are used for specific purposes.

A Variety to Choose From

Do you have a hair in a place that is so hard to get an angle to pluck it from? Maybe you could use one of the angled-tip ones in the set. What about when there are short, stubby, stubborn ones that you can’t seem to get a hold of to save your life? Those are the hairs that the flat-tip tweezers in this ensemble can make short work of. And, of course, for the hairs you need to grab close to the root, use your pointed tweezers, but carefully…they are sharp.

Easy to Use

There are lots of uses for these, and they make grooming hairs in various places a snap. For best results, when you have honed-in on a particular place to pluck from, get yourself a warm, damp washcloth. Set it on the area where you are about to use the tweezers, then proceed.


  • Multiple tweezers to choose from
  • Long-lasting stainless steel
  • Good for men and women
  • Compact carrying case


  • Set doesn’t include a rounded-tip set of tweezers

Apex Original

Best Round-Tip Tweezers

One of the safest types of men’s tweezers are rounded, and this Apex Original Round-Tip is great for ears and eyebrows. And, they come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Great for Eyebrow/Unibrow Care

Just because unibrows may be in your family’s DNA, that doesn’t mean that you have to sport one. And, quality round-tip tweezers like this this Apex model are great for removing those hairs in the middle of your forehead that you want to disappear. Your regular eyebrows are also going to need to be maintained when certain hairs go in opposite directions of others and look tacky. A round set of tweezers just feels safer to use for hairs around your eyes.

Lifetime Guarantee

Apex stands behind this product, and guarantees its continued quality for a lifetime. It also comes with a nice handmade leather travel sheath, but the back end of the tweezer sticks out a little from the case. At first sight, the tweezers look like a knife while they are in the case. But don’t worry, the product is TSA approved. This set is made especially for men with larger hands at four inches long, and these round tips also safely and effectively remove unwanted ear hair.


  • Pulls hair safely from eyebrows and ears
  • Handy carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Although they are TSA approved, they may look suspicious, and on occasions you might have to pull them out at the airport to show what they are

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Point Tweezer

Best Point-Tip Tweezer

The Tweezerman Stainless Steel Point Tweezer comes in assorted colors, and are very helpful for remedying things right below the skin’s surface.

Helps with Ingrown Hairs

Men will many times have an experience with an ingrown hair that developed because of a razor bump. Still, if you are a guy who has naturally curly hair, you may be more susceptible to ingrown hairs, being that they develop when a hair either grows sideways or backwards into the skin. This is where a precision pointed tweezer such as this model from Tweezerman will come in handy. The surface of the tweezers is easy to grip, and makes it easier to hold onto the hair while removing it at its root.

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

When items like tweezers get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, it means that the product has been sent to the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI). There, the engineers and scientists test and evaluate it, and point tweezers are examined by the Health, Beauty and Environmental Sciences department. Everything from the way the product is packaged to any claims that have been made to consumers about the product are examined, and Tweezerman passed all of the tests to receive this well-respected seal for these particular tweezers.


  • Made of quality stainless steel
  • Impeccably aligned tips
  • Easy to grip


  • Tips are sharp, so you may need assistance in bodily places that you cannot see

Mehaz Professional Slanted-Claw

Best Claw Tweezers

For a safe facial hair-tweezing experience, these Mehaz Professional Slanted-Claw tweezers are a long-lasting solution for eyebrows, beards, mustaches, and visible ear hair.

Facial Hair Removal

Out-of-place hairs seem to grow out of nowhere, and tend to grow faster and longer than the other ones you cut, say, around your mustache. Even if you are a guy who doesn’t have a whole lot of facial hair, those random hairs can ruin your appearance. And, if you don’t have a daily beard, and are mostly clear-faced other than a mustache and chin beard, these hairs sometimes will appear on your cheeks and stick out like whiskers. This is where these Mehaz Professional Slanted-Claw tweezers are at their best, because you can grab those hairs safely with the flat-edged claw, and not worry about scraping your face.

Eyebrow Shaping

When using a set of tweezers around your eyes, you don’t want a set that is pointed unless it is absolutely necessary. For those stray eyebrows that simply don’t belong, claw tweezers are a good choice, being that you can see better because of the way the tip is openly constructed for a clearer view. This particular stainless steel pair is made wide and flat, so that fellas who may not use tweezers so much can get a good hand grip on them during use.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Wide for better grip


  • No warranty

Tenartis Pointed-Slant Hair

Best Pointed-Slant Tweezer

For a handy mix between a pointed and slanted set of tweezers, this Tenartiz Pointed-Slant Hair Tweezer gives you the best of both worlds.

Professional Quality

This slick set is made in Italy, and is constructed with durable surgical stainless steel. This makes the set easy to sterilize, which is very important, because you want to be sure that nothing is left or dried onto them when using them for a totally different task. For example, you don’t want to bring germs from, say, when you used them to remove a splinter to a later time when you were working on an ingrown hair. This nice set is 3 ¾ inches long, and comes with a black case that is 4 inches.

Multiple Uses

The best thing about having pointed-slant tweezers is that at one moment you can use the slanted side for things like unwanted hairs on various places on your face, then then next moment you may need to use the tip for more precise tasks. The tips on this one are also hand-crafted.


  • Multiple uses
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Handy carrying case


  • Don’t use them in areas of the body you cannot see because the tip is sharp; get help from another person if necessary.
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