However, owning a cat also has a few downsides that need to be handled properly – the most obvious of which is stinky litter…

Cat pee is probably one of the most offensive smells on the planet, it can easily propagate throughout an entire home within a matter of minutes and once it’s there – it takes a long time for it to naturally dissipate.

There are a few different ways this problem can be solved. The most obvious of which is regular litter tray cleaning. However, with a low quality, odor loving litter in your tray you’re going to need to be replacing it regularly if you want to keep the odors away. You need a good product to keep your house smelling fresh – but it’s hard to choose (as they all claim to be excellent).

With that in mind, today we’re going to be taking a look at the world of odor control cat litters. We’ll see what they are, how they work, and we will take a look at things to look out for when shopping around.

We’re going to conclude with 5 reviews of what we think are some of the most effective (and economical) odor control cat litters on the market right now.

Let’s get started.

5 Things To Look For In An Odor fighting Cat Litter

Before we get into the review section at the end of this article it’s a good idea for us to take a look at the kind of things you should be looking out for when shopping around for an odor control cat litter.


The name of the game when it comes to cat litter is clumping.

Clumping litter allows you to clear up litter boxes with speed and efficiency – as you only remove the obviously soiled bits of litter. The way they work is pretty simple, they just lock the smell away inside the clumps which keep your home fresher for longer. There are three main materials you’ll come across when it comes to clumping litter, we’ll discuss them below:

Note: There are other “fancy” or “niche” materials that clumping cat litter can be made from, but they’re not common and they’re not worth worrying about (or purchasing).

Clay – This is the oldest and most common material that clumping cat litter is made from. It feels super natural for your kitty, it’s cheap, and it forms strong clumps that won’t break apart when cleaning the tray.

Natural Materials – This category includes things like corn, grass, pine, and wheat. The different materials have different strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are great at clumping but track lots, others are virtually dust free but form weak clumps that will break apart when cleaning the tray.

With the exception of corn, we generally don’t recommend natural material litter (unless there are special circumstances), there’s always something about them that makes them a worse choice than clay.

Silica Crystals – You’ve almost certainly seen little packets of silica gel in boxes of electronics that are designed to absorb moisture and keep your product dry – well this litter is made from the same thing. It’s the least environmentally friendly material on this list, but it’s also one of the most absorbent. It’s not great for your kitty to eat this (to say the least), so if your cat is known to chew on their litter – avoid silica litter at all costs.

Clumping Speed

As you might have guessed, the clumping speed of a litter is how quickly it forms the all-important clumps. The quicker the clumps form, the less time the ammonia smell has to escape into your room (and your nostrils). Find quicker clumping formulas if possible for best results.

Clump Hardness

The hardness of a clump of the litter when it has dried is very important. When you come to clean out your cat’s litter tray you’re going to be aiming to only pick up the clumps (as they’re the only dirty bits). When you do this with soft clumping litter the clumps can easily break open and release their horrible smells that lurk inside – it’s not fun, to say the least.

Get a hard clumping formula to avoid unpleasant litter tray cleaning experiences.


Tracking is the term given to the amount of litter that sticks to your cat’s paws when they leave the litter tray. Finding clean litter around your home that has been transported by your kitty is pretty disgusting – but finding soiled clumps is even worse.

Ensure that any litter you consider is low tracking to minimize the amount of nastiness you’re going to find around your home.


If you suffer from allergies (or your kitty does) then you’re going to need to take a look at litters that have an extremely low dust content. The very nature of dry litter means that the cheaper stuff can be extremely dusty and it can trigger allergies easily. If possible you should look for a litter that’s hypoallergenic – they’re not the most common products, but they do exist (we’ve listed one at the end of this article).

Overall Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

Frisco Unscented Odor Defense Clumping Cat Litter

We’ve listed 4 cat litters that we think are more than worthy of your consideration at the end of this article, but in our opinion, the odor defense clumping cat litter by Frisco is hands down the best value product on the market right now.

The thing that makes this litter so special is the patented odor defense technology that Frisco has spent a huge amount of resources developing. How it works is quite honestly beyond us (we’re not biochemists) but the principle is pretty simple to understand.

The offensive part of the cat pee smell that makes us gag and run away in fear is caused by ammonia. Frisco has developed a compound that specifically targets and attacks the ammonia in your cat’s pee from the moment it hits the litterbox. It’s a super effective defense that cuts down the smell massively. We imagine other brands are racing to develop their own version of this technology to keep up with Frisco (as they have quite rightly patented it).

It’s a clumping litter which means that clean up is super easy and super efficient (and the clumping action is super quick too). It’s a natural, unscented clay litter which is ideal for cats who are a little sensitive (or owners who are sensitive too). The clumping action itself is high tech too as it has been designed to use less litter per clump – which means it’s better value for money and better for the environment too.

It’s been designed to mimic the feeling of what your cat would be feeling underfoot in nature – which means there’s a very low chance your kitty will reject it. It’s a low dust formula which will help keep your house clean, and at around $13 for a big bag – it’s not going to break the bank either.

Quite simply, this is hands down the best cat litter for odor control on the market right now – nothing else even comes close. Unless you’ve got a very good reason to pick one of the 4 recommendations we are going to make below – we strongly suggest you give the Frisco a try.

Four More Odor Fighting Cat Litters

During our research for this article, we came across several other odor control cat litters that we feel happy recommending. The Frisco above is still our overall recommendation, but we doubt you’d be disappointed by the performance or value for money of the 4 products below.

World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

With a name like “World’s Best Cat Litter” these guys are seriously laying down the gauntlet for their product to live up to its name. We don’t think it’s the world’s best – but it’s pretty darn close.

It’s an extremely powerful formula that has been designed to effectively and quickly trap ammonia within the litter to prevent the smell from leaking out into your home. It’s a natural formula that is corn husk based (which means no nasty chemicals) and it feels natural underfoot for your kitty too.

It’s dust free, and because of the materials it is made from it’s “flush friendly” too which means you can literally flush away your cat’s pee in the same way you flush away your own. The clumping action is excellent and forms small concentrated clumps very quickly while using the minimum amount of litter possible – this makes it an efficient and cost-effective litter.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter

This product is one of the best clumping litters on the market, we considered it for our overall pick but it was just beaten by the Frisco. It’s a heavy litter which means there’s an exceptionally low amount of tracking.

It’s a clay-based litter which means the clumps that form harden exceptionally quickly – locking the smell inside. They’re also super hard clumps when dried – which means they’re not going to break apart when you clean the tray and release the ammonia smell into the room.

It’s 99% dust free and hypoallergenic too – which makes it good for kitties (and families) that suffer from allergies. It’s ideally suited to mechanical and auto sifting litterboxes and at $17.49 for a pretty big bag, it’s good value for money too.

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Hawaiian Aloha Scent Cat Litter

This is one of the only cat litters we’ve come across that has actually partnered with the world famous Febreze brand. It utilizes the odor eliminating power of Febreze to destroy the ammonia smell the second it hits the litter tray.

It’s a multi-size litter that combines larger particles of litter with medium-sized particles. This allows it to be a low tracking litter that is efficient in its clumping (yet feels great underneath your cat’s paws). Fresh Step utilizes a patented clump lock technology in this product too that makes the clumps rock hard when they start to dry. This means the chances of accidental clump breakage are low and as such, you’re not going to have a smelly home when cleaning the tray.

It’s a super low dust formula that makes it great for sensitive cats (but it’s not hypoallergenic) and it’s good value for money too as it’s available in several sizes to suit households of all sizes.

Tidy Cats Scoop Instant Action Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter

The final product we’re going to recommend today is a great clumping litter from the world famous Purina. As you’d expect from Purina, it’s a great product that was a strong contender for our overall recommendation. It’s a clay litter which means it’s super absorbent and it has a natural feel for your kitty’s paws too. Its deodorizing system neutralizes smells quickly and easily and will keep your home super fresh and super clean.

The kind of clay used in this litter forms extremely hard clumps which rarely break when being cleaned and its 99% dust free formula ensures a clean and happy home (and kitty) too. It’s a multi-cat formula that has been designed for efficiency from the ground up – this means it’s well suited to households that have 2 or more cats using the same litter tray.


So there you have it, everything you could ever want to know about the world of odor control cat litter. Who’d of thought it could have been so complicated!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve got a bit of an idea about what things you should be looking for (and what things you should be avoiding). We highly doubt you’ll find any better litters on the market than the 5 we’ve recommended above – they tick the performance and value boxes better than all other products on the market.

We highly recommend you try our overall recommendation before trying the other 4 – it’s a clear winner in our book. But that being said – any of the products we’ve mentioned today are more than worthy of your consideration.

They’ll all keep your home clean and smelling fresh (and they’ll keep your kitty happy too).

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