It’s for this reason that you need to do your research and learn a little about litter – regardless of how uninteresting it may seem.

The tracking of litter is one of the biggest issues that many cat owners complain about. It’s a horrible problem to deal with, but it’s one that is reasonably easily avoided.

Today we’re going to look at why you should get a non-tracking cat litter, what you should be looking out for when shopping around, and we’re going to be providing you with what we think are 5 of the best non-tracking cat litters on the market in our review section.

Let’s get started.

Why Choose A Non/Low Tracking Cat Litter?

The tracking of litter is a nuisance at best, and a health/hygiene hazard at worst. It’s something that needs to be avoided at all costs.

We are guessing that most of you reading this will have seen your kitty’s litter in the most random places throughout the home – it never ceases to amaze us how far this stuff can travel.

Tracking occurs when your kitty has finished their business in their litter tray and then starts to go about their day in your home. When they leave the tray there’s a good chance that some of the litter will be attached to their paws or their fur. If you’re lucky, it’s going to be clean litter – if you’re not lucky then…

Well, you get the idea…

It’s a horrible sight for you to see litter around your home, it’s even worse when you have guests over and they see it.

Cat owners may be a little more understanding of the problem, but we’ve overhead conversations from non-cat owners about how the litter distribution in other people’s homes is a little bit off-putting. If the litter that’s been tracked is dirty, then the smell can also be quite powerful for people visiting (you might have blocked it out by getting used to it).

If you’ve got young children tracked litter becomes a much more serious problem. We’re sure you already know that given the chance a young child will put just about anything they can get their hands on into their mouths.

Some cat litters are extremely toxic when they are unused and clean, the problem only gets worse when the litter is dirty. Every day children all over the world are accidentally putting dirty cat litter in their mouths – we don’t need to point out why this is a very bad thing…

What To Look For When Buying A Low/ Non-Tracking Cat Litter

So there are two main concerns you should be taking into account when shopping around for a non-tracking cat litter. These things are in addition to all the “standard” things you should be looking for in a litter.

Weight – When it comes to stopping tracking, heavier is always better. The logic behind this is pretty simple when a piece of litter is light it requires much less friction to stay attached to your cat’s fur and feet. As such, more litter will be attached to your cat, and it will also potentially travel further on them around your home.

Heavier litters, on the other hand, are much less likely to stay attached. They might get stuck on your kitty’s fur, but within a step or two outside the litter tray they will usually shake themselves off. This isn’t perfect (as litter is still leaving the tray) but at least it’s still going to be confined to the general litter tray area.

Dust – It’s not just whole pieces of litter that get tracked around the home, dust is something that you should be paying attention to as well. A dusty litter will coat your cat’s paws and can also be tracked around the home in the same way. It’s obviously much less noticeable than clumps of litter, but it’s something that should be avoided if possible – especially if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies.

Try and find non-tracking litters that are dust free to minimize this effect.

However, if given a choice between a heavy litter and a dust free litter – you should go for the heavier product instead. It’s much more important.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Non Tracking Cat Litter

  • Pro – More hygienic
  • Pro – Less harmful to young children
  • Pro – Less off-putting for guests
  • Pro – Better smelling cleaner homes
  • Con – They can sometimes be very slightly more expensive than the super cheap litters on the market

Overall Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Frisco Fresh Scent Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

Ok, so now we know a little bit about why you should be looking to get a low tracking cat litter, and we know the kinds of things you should be looking out for in a good product.

Weighing up the pros and cons of each litter is a time-consuming task, but it’s one that needs to be done to ensure your kitty doesn’t reject it immediately (which means you’ve wasted your money).

Luckily we’re crazy about all things cat on this site, and we’ve done the hard work for you. We think the best non-tracking cat litter on the market right now is the awesome Frisco Fresh Scent Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter.

It has a fresh scent formula that has been designed to trap away the odors inside the litter once your kitty has finished their business until the tray is cleaned. While trapping the smell, it’s also masked with a clean and fresh perfume to eliminate the chances of a stinky tray.

The clever thing about the deodorizing system is how the fresh scent is locked away in the lower layers of the litter – it only propagates through the room when it’s on the top. As such, when your kitty swipes their paws in the litter, they’re activating the scent automatically.

It’s a super simple solution that’s incredibly effective.

The clumping action of this litter is also excellent. It’s a super fast clumping formula that will form extremely hard rock solid clumps that will dry quickly locking away the smell. It’s a clay litter which means it’s naturally quite heavy – and this is what makes it such a low tracking litter. We’re not saying you’re never going to find litter anywhere ever again, but it’s going to be much less messy than whatever you’re currently using.

Clay litters have the added benefit of feeling super natural underneath your kitty’s paws, they have one of the lowest rejection rates in general – so if you’ve got a fussy cat, this is certainly something you should be looking at.

Finally, it’s also a super low dust formula that’s going to keep things a little cleaner and avoid any allergies being triggered. It’s a super efficient multi-cat formula which means it’s perfect for households with multiple kitties, and it’s also suitable for mechanical and traditional litter boxes.

As the cherry on top, it’s excellent value for money at only around $13 for a massive 40lb bag.

There’s nothing on this list (or on the internet) that can compete with the technology, feature list, and value of this awesome litter from Frisco. Unless you’ve got a very good reason, we highly recommend you try this litter before considering the other 4 options below.

4 More Really Good Low Tracking Cat Litters

Here are 4 other really good no tracking cat litters that are still worthy of your consideration.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

This is one of the more expensive cat litters on the market, but if you decide to treat your kitty to this luxury litter – you’re going to notice the difference. Dr. Elsey’s is one of the most respected brands in the kitty litter industry, they’re known for making products that back up the claims in their marketing with ease.

It’s a 99.9% dust free formula which means it’s perfect for homes that have people with allergies (it’s technically hypoallergenic). It’s a clay litter which means it’s heavy enough to be a low tracking product, but the medium grain size also means it’s going to feel really nice underneath your cat’s paws – so there’s a low chance of rejection too.

It’s another hyper economical litter, so you’re going to get your money’s worth, and it’s more than capable of handling the “business” of a household that has multiple cats. It works brilliantly in mechanical or traditional litter trays too.

The clumping action is as strong and as fast as any litter on the market, which makes cleaning up a breeze. The clumps won’t break when you’re removing them so you’re not going to be running for the nearest exit whenever you remove the waste. The clumps lock away the smell deep inside ensuring no ammonia breaks through into the room – which is good because it’s an unscented litter.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

This is the first product on our list that’s not made from clay, instead, it’s made from walnut shells. This naturally gives the litter a fresh and clean smell and as such it’s unscented.  It’s eco-friendly and forms extremely hard clumps very quickly. Once the clumps are formed they are quite heavy and are unlikely to track – however, clean walnut litter might track a little bit more than a clay litter as it’s lighter when its dry.

The hard clumps mean that cleaning up the litter tray is super simple, and as it’s basically dust free – it’s great for homes with allergies too.

This is a perfect product for cats that don’t like the feel of clay under their paws, if they’ve rejected clay in the past but you still want a low tracking litter – give this a go.

Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer are a household name who make a whole range of products for all manner of different uses (kitty related or otherwise). One of their most popular products is baking soda, and they’ve used their expertise with the material to use it in this litter to fight smells and get your home smelling fresher than ever.

Again it’s a clay litter that uses micro granules to ensure that clumps form quickly and efficiently. This does mean that it’s going to track clean litter little bit more than the other litters on this page (as the granules are smaller and therefore lighter). The flipside of this is that when the litter is dirty, it’s super low tracking as the granules create larger, harder clumps which will stay in the tray.

The granules are so effective at what they do that they are actually rated for odor protection for up to 7 days in a row. You could technically clean your litter tray once a week with this stuff and you’d still have a fresh smelling home (we obviously don’t recommend this though).

It’s a well-priced product that offers great value, and it’s more than worthy of your consideration.

Scoop Away Complete Performance Scented Scoopable Cat Litter

The final product we’re going to cover today is this excellent scented cat litter by Scoop Away. It’s made from clay and is a very heavy litter – even when it’s dry. When it’s wet the litter clumps together in huge balls that are solid as a rock (and are super heavy), we’d be shocked if any of them tracked outside the litter box.

It has got ammonia shield technology to ensure smells stay locked away (or are eliminated on contact) and again it’s 99.9% dust free. There are no harmful chemicals or additives included and it’s one of the easiest and most efficient litters for cleaning on the market.

It’s great value for money at $15.99 for a big bag and it’s certainly worth adding to your shortlist.


So there you have it, we bet you never thought there was so much to know about litter.

We still strongly recommend you try our overall pick unless you’ve got a reason not to. Otherwise, any of the 5 products on this page are more than worthy of your consideration and will keep your home fresh, clean, and smelling great…

Regardless of what your kitty can throw at it.

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