We don’t know why a stigma exists regarding manscaping, but when it comes to shaving your balls, everyone starts getting weird.

Gentleman, the fact of the matter is that the no one is concerned with your manscaping, especially your balls.

So if you want to shave your sack then shave your sack, but before you do we recommend working on your fine motor skills and buying the right tool for the job.

What is a Ball Trimmer?

A ball trimmer is not all that different from the electric razor you use on your face.

However, ball trimmers and other manscaping trimmers typically include blade guards, length attachments, rounded edges, and shave in both directions to make it easy to shave hard to reach areas and prevent nicks.

Ball trimmers are also typically cordless and waterproof so they can be used in the shower.

What to Look for in a Ball Trimmer

Choosing the best ball trimmer is the same as selecting the best beard trimmer. Bad beard trimmers tug at the beard, require multiple passes and leave your face feeling like you kissed a weed whacker.

Now imagine that same feeling on your balls. Shaving your balls is a sensitive operation, and the type of trimmer you use can determine whether you walk out of the bathroom feeling like you sat on a cheese grater.

We don’t want you to experience the aftereffects of shaving with a bad ball trimmer which is why we recommend considering:

Blade & Trimmer Head

It’s fairly easy to discern the quality of a trimmer based on how it delivers the shaving blades to the surface of the skin.

Trimmers that feature a flexible foil shave head are better suited to trimming your balls than fixed blades.

Brand Reputation

Brands like Braun, Philips, Gillette, and Wahl are considered high-quality brands, though you shouldn’t rule out other brands based on name recognition alone.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to shaving your sack, customers are fairly passionate about providing accurate user feedback.

Customer reviews are the best way to discern whether a particular trimmer is best for your balls.

Intended Use

Few trimmers are designed solely for the purpose of shaving balls. Be sure to purchase a trimmer that is designed for body grooming rather than facial grooming.


Cleaning your ball trimmer can be pretty gross. We recommend choosing a ball trimmer with a fast, simple and easy cleaning process.

Guides & Length Settings

Even when the trimmer is designed to be used on sensitive skin, it can still be pretty intimidating to place the blade head on your balls.

Trimmers that include shave guides and length setting allow you to choose your desired look and eliminate the scary feeling of metal on skin.

Battery & Cordless

Cords are cumbersome and make shaving your balls more difficult than it has to be. Battery and cordless trimmers enable you to cut the cord and reach those sensitive areas with ease.

Wet or Dry

The shower is the optimal place to shave your balls, and waterproof trimmers are much better suited to shaving in the shower than dry shavers.

Size & Weight

A heavier trimmer is actually conducive to a close shave, but you don’t want to overdo it and have to lug around to what amounts to a 5-pound weight every time you wish to shave.

Price & Affordability

There is no need to break your budget to purchase a ball trimmer. Quality ball trimmers exist at every price range.

Best Ball Trimmers of 2020

These trimmers are the best ball trimmers of 2020 and are guaranteed to leave your wedding tackle smoother than the family jewels.

Best Choice: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 is a manscaping trimmer designed specifically for manscaping and body grooming.

The Bodygroom 7100 features a 3D pivoting head designed with rounded blades to protect the skin and provide an incredibly close shave, which is good news for your balls.

The Series 7100 is also waterproof, cordless and comes with five built-in length options, so you never lose another one of those pesky shaving guides.

Why You Should Trust It: The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is known for being safe and easy to use without hurting yourself.

Customers Usually Say: Customers or more than happy with their ball trimmer choice. However they are more happy with:

  • How happy their wives are with their smooth criminals.
  • Not worrying about cutting themselves.

Customers Like: The 7100 is an all-in-one grooming system that adds customized precision and comfort to the sack shaving process.

  • Includes a dual-ended design – enables easy transition from shaving elsewhere on your body to shaving your junk.
  • Works wet or dry.
  • Includes five built-in precision length options.

Customers Don’t Like:

  • Short battery life.

Key Features:

  • 3D pivoting head.
  • Rounded blades and combs prevent scratching and tugging.
  • Built-in trimming comb with 5 length settings.

Best Premium: Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

German engineering is considered the pinnacle of engineering because it never sacrifices function and capability for aesthetic purposes.

Though you hardly need an aesthetically designed trimmer to shave your balls.

The Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver is the ultimate teste trimmer. Unlike most trimmers, the Braun Cruzer 5 trims and shaves all at once, eliminating the need to mow the lawn before doing any landscaping.

Why You Should Trust It: The Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver is the Mercedes Benz of the manscaping world because It’s designed to provide a remarkably close shave anywhere on your body with minimal effort.

Customers Usually Say: Customers say the Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver is the best ball trimmer they have ever owned.

  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Guards are the perfect size for ball trimming.

Customers Like: Customers attribute the Cruzer 5’s effectiveness to its its shape, weight, and design.

The trimmer is perfectly balanced for easy maneuvering and weighted, so you hardly have to exert any pressure to achieve the optimum shave.

Customers Don’t Like:

  • Does not perform as well in the shower.
  • Cumbersome and awkward.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Gillette Fusion & ProGlide blades.
  • Provides smooth shave with one stroke.
  • Waterproof, cordless & rechargeable.

Best Value: Remington Head-to-Toe Groomer Kit

Remington packed everything but the sink into their Head-to-Toe Grooming Kit. This below the belt trimmer has all the accessories you could ever need to properly manscape your entire body, including:

  • Full-Size Trimmer.
  • Foil Shaver.
  • Nose, Ear, and Detail Trimmer.
  • Vertical Body Hair Trimmer.
  • Hair Clipper Comb with 8 Length Settings .
  • 3 Beard and Stubble Combs.

Why You Should Trust It: 14 settings, 8 attachments, 5 comb lengths and 3 stubble combs for your 2 balls.

The Remington Head to Toe Groomer Kit is affordable and includes everything you need to shave from head to toe.

Customers Usually Say: Customers appreciate the value that the Remington Head to Toe Groomer Kit brings to the ball trimming process.

  • Price is unbeatable.
  • Blades are easy to clean and lubricate.
  • Would recommend this product to anyone at three times the price.

Customers Like: The Remington Head-to-Toe Grooming Kit is designed with:

  • A lithium battery – cranks out a whopping 70 minutes of shave time, which means you can use it to manscape everything all at once.
  • Includes self-sharpening, surgical steel blades – ensure an incredibly close shave every time you use it.

Customers Don’t Like:

  • Not a heavy duty razor.
  • Battery loses charge.

Key Features:

  • Self-sharpening surgical steel blades.
  • 8 attachments.
  • Great value for low cost.

Best Professional Grade Trimmer: The Lawn Mower 2.0

As its clever name implies, the Lawn Mower 2.0 is designed to mow the lawn that has sprung up on your balls.

Why You Should Trust It: Lawn Mower 2.0 engineered for your bodies most sensitive areas and allows you to trim unwanted hair in one stroke of its SKINSAFE anti-nick blades.

We love the Lawn Mower 2.0 because it is a low-maintenance simple shaver that provides a surprisingly smooth and pain-free shave experience.

Customers Usually Say: Customers are saying thing that the Lawn Mower 2.0 is one of the best shavers they have ever used.

  • The snag guard works very well – no snagging the hairs
  • Easy to use in the shower.

Customers Like: The Lawn Mower 2.0 is cordless, waterproof and includes SNAP-IN blades, adjustable guide combs and a rubberized ergonomic shape for a slip free shave.

Customers Don’t Like:

  • Lacks motor speed
  • Poor battery life

Key Features:

  • SNAP-IN Blades
  • 60 minute run-time
  • Rubberized, ergonomic grip

Best Wet Trimmer: Wahl Smart Shave Lithium Ion Waterproof Foil Shaver

Are we surprised to see the Wahl Smart Shave trimmer on our list of best ball trimmers? Nope.

Why You Should Trust It: With nearly a century of experience in the hair removal business, Wahl trimmers are generally considered to be the best around.

Customers Say: Customers love the innovative lithium-ion battery.

  • Battery charges to full in just 60 seconds – great for those “oh crap… I forgot to shave my balls moments.”

Customers Like:

  • Advanced flex foils – enable the trimmer t move with the contour of your body and deliver top ball shaving performance.
  • Waterproof – for use in the shower or up to depths of 3 feet. Though we have to admit, we are a little skeptical as to why they would waterproof it up to a depth of 3 feet. Who is shaving their balls three feet below the water?

Customers Don’t Like:

  • Does not provide close shave

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable lithium ion
  • 90-minute run-time
  • Full charge in 60 seconds

Worst Trimmer for Balls: Back Hair Trimmer

There are a lot of trimmers on the market advertised as “manscapers.” However, not every manscaper is intended to “scape” your manhood.

One of the worst trimmers you could buy for your balls is a back trimmer with an extended handle. Steer clear of back trimmers for balls unless you’re tasked with shaving an elephants balls.

Worst Trimmer for Manscaping: Hair Clippers

Do you know how Freddy Krueger got all… “Kruegery?” He tried to use hair clippers to manscape. Don’t do it!

Ball Trimming FAQ:

How To Shave Your Balls With An Electric Razor

Shaving your balls is a tricky operation, here is how to do it without injuring yourself and others.

  1. Get in the shower, the running water makes the process easier and clean up a breeze.
  1. Use soap or shave gel to lather up the areas that you wish to shave.
  1. Trim the bulk. Use your trimmer to remove the bulk of the hair until you are left with stubble. For some men, this step is the end of the process.
  1. For a closer shave, and to remove stubble stretch out the skin and carefully apply the trimmer

moving in long, deliberate strokes until all of the stubbles has been removed.

  1. Rinse, apply moisturizer, drop mic.

How Do I Shave My Balls Without Cutting Myself?

The best way to shave your balls without cutting yourself is by proceeding with caution. Shaving your balls is not a task that you enter into carelessly.

Take your time and don’t forget that the skin becomes thinner when you “stretch it out.” So be careful not to angle the trimmer and always be sure to use a guide.

How do I Shave My Balls Without Itching?

We recommend shaving your balls in the shower which washes away itchy hairs and dry skin.

Once the deed has been done apply some deodorant to the areas you shaved to prevent itching and chafing when you put your shorts back on.

How do I Shave My Ass?

Since you’re asking about shaving your balls it’s only a matter of time until you ask about shaving your ass, so follow these directions:

  1. Shower and dry off.
  2. Clean your razor and/or trimmer.
  3. Stand in front of a full length mirror and look over your shoulder at your rear.
  4. Shave the bulk of the hair with the trimmer.
  5. Apply shaving gel to your ass.
  6. Use your razor to shave in long, careful strokes. Bottom to top.
  7. Rinse off.
  8. Apply antiseptic and talcum powder.

Do Women Like Men Who Trim Below The Belt?

A better way to get the answer to this question is to ask your special lady whether she would like a man with smooth balls.

It is not at all uncommon for woman to appreciate a well manscaped man, but she may surprise you and say she likes her man furry. Every woman is different and has different preferences.

Which Is Better… Cordless or Corded?

The best place to shave your balls is in the shower because it’s more convenient, and the water takes care of the mess. That makes cordless ball trimmers the best option in our book.

Can You Use a Face Trimmer To Trim Your Balls?

A better question is, why would you want to? You don’t scratch your ass with the same fork you eat with, so why would you shave your balls with the same shaver you use for your face?

However, we know that not every man can afford the luxury of separate shaver for their face and balls.

Luckily there are a few brands that make shavers that utilize a series of guides and work equally well on the face and the body.

BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Philips Norelco Beard and Hair Trimmer

SUPRENT 4-Blade Electric Foil Shaver

Final Thoughts

Shaving your balls doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the right ball trimmer, the act of shaving your balls can be over in minutes and leave your balls smooth as marble.

So forget the stigma around manscaping, purchase any one of the trimmers featured here and go shave your balls.

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