If your New Years resolution is to change things up with your overall look, a new haircut is the quickest (and cheapest) way to achieve this. Today it doesn’t really matter what you do with your hair – Afros to buzz cuts -anything goes and one style doesn’t trump another.

A new ‘do does more than change your look, it also changes your attitude and outlook, often boosting your self esteem. Hairstyles reveal non verbal communication which reveals bunches about your personality. If you change your style frequently, you are probably more adventurous than your typical guy.

They also speak to your financial status. If your haircut is high maintenance, you are most likely in a higher tax bracket and into high end and trendy clothing. Here are eight hot styles to choose from in 2016.

1. High Fade Pompadour


Fades are hot right now and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Fairly easy to maintain with a blow dryer and hairspray- nose ring and beard optional.

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