If there’s a simpler way to freshen up your look than having your stylist snip in some bangs, we haven’t heard about it. Lucky for those of us who are a wee bit too freaked out at the thought of getting a Big Chop, bangs will once again be the style to sport in 2020.

But once you’ve decided you want to get bangs, how do you know which kind to get? And how do you know that your chosen fringe will work for your face shape? We had the same questions, so we did our research. Turns out there’s more than likely a bangs-friendly look that you can sport. Some women with face shapes other than oval (the holy grail of face shapes!) will just have to be mindful of which one they ultimately decide on. You oval-faced ladies? You’ve got the pick of the bangs litter.

To explore the 5 different kinds of bangs and see all the versatility that each style offers, scroll on down and check out our killer infographic along with 35 gorgeous and inspirational photos of bangs separated by type.


Side-Swept Bangs (aka Side Bangs)

These ones are a classic. They look stylish with an updo, whisked to the side with a dramatic flourish. But they also look sweet when dressed down, paired with nothing more than your flowing mane and darling mug.

Women with round faces: Your best bet is sticking to the bangs in this category. You’ll want to go with a thick bang, not a piecey one, or your face won’t benefit from the bangs’ slimming effect. Women with oval faces are also great candidates for this look. Their face shape works well with just about any type of bang there is, and the side-swept bang is no exception. Finally, women with heart-shaped faces can experiment with these bangs, too. The side-swept effect will draw the eye downward, away from the forehead.

1. Piecey Long Parted Bangs Swept to the Side


2. Side-Swept Bangs for Messy, Rich Chocolate-Brown Hair


3. Rachel McAdams’s Medium-Brown Curly Bob with Adorable Side Bangs


4. Emma Stone’s Gorgeous Red Hair with Glamorous Side-Swept Bangs


5. Sweet, Full, Side-Swept Bangs for Honey-Brown Straight Bobs

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