Growing out your hair to epic lengths is an endeavor, to say the least. It takes time, patience, and lots of good old follicle TLC. But if you’re jonesing for jaw-dropping length, now is the perfect time to start a scissor diet. Summer is about to bid us adieu, and fall will be coming to call at any moment.

Let’s say you’re already #blessed with long strands. One way to inject movement and shape into your hairstyle is with layers. In our modest opinion, there’s no cut more beguiling than a long one with layers. Actually, make that a long, wavy one with layers. If you have wavy hair (or don’t mind taking a curling iron to those long locks every once in a while), you’ll need some inspiration for your ‘do. Below, discover 45 of the loveliest long wavy layered hairstyles out there.

1. Long Dark Chocolate-Brown Wavy Hair with Layers

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