There’s something so charming about pink. Maybe it’s the fact that Forever It Girl Molly Ringwald enshrined it in our minds as the symbol of hopeless romance in “Pretty in Pink,” or maybe it’s the fact that any candy worth its sugar inevitably gets dolled up in the scrumptious hue. Whatever the reason, we love the color—and love seeing women dye their tresses with it. But as we all know by now, no single shade of a color dominates a rainbow-hair-color trend, and it’s the same with pink hair. A smorgasbord of shades—from light to dark, bright to subdued—has been laid out before us on the Internet buffet. Below, feast your eyes on the 30 different pink hairstyles we’ve collected. Just, please, try not to drool.

1. Long, Thick, Light Pink Hair with Side Part


Doesn’t this hair just look as soft as a cloud? We’re thinking the champagne pink hue may have something to do with that gauzy, touchable vibe. The gorgeous shade of pink is only matched by this woman’s gorgeously thick hair.

2. Messy, Wavy, Mid-Length Hair with Light Pink Color and Tangerine Ends


Color us jealous—this hair color is to-die-for. The soft pink with the barely-there tangerine ends are lovely. With those messy waves thrown in, we’re seeing stars.

3. Straight Peach-Pink Bob with Full Bangs and Flipped Ends


How sassy are those flipped-up ends? Matching that attitude is the all-over peach-pink color, which is unique … and we’re talking about pink hair here. The full, slightly rounded bangs make this one dynamic (gymnastic?) style.

4. Long, Wavy, Cotton-Candy-Pink Hair


You had us at “cotton candy.” These gorgeous long waves are stunners on their own, but coupled with a romantic pink shade, they’re breathtaking.

5. Gorgeous Salmon-Pink Messy Bob with Middle Part


This salmon shade of pink looks electric against this woman’s beautiful skin. We’re also buzzing over her messy punk waves and parted-down-the-middle bob.

6. Long, Straight, Flamingo-Pink Hair in a Loose Braid


Swoon. You know you’ve nailed your daily ‘do when you swoop your long, straight hair into a loose braid. But when you’re also sporting such a pretty color, you’ve basically become style royalty. All hail.

7. Straight Blush-Pink Mid-Length Hair with Short Bangs


We’re digging this woman’s light pink (and slightly messy) ‘do and her dark eyebrows. Paired with super blunt bangs and a nose ring, the look has more of a punk edge than a feminine aesthetic, and we couldn’t be more onboard.

8. Long Bubblegum-Pink Waves with Flower Crown


Your eyes are not deceiving you—this gorgeous ‘do is for real. The long waves are stunning on their own, but when they’re infused with this playful shade of light pink, they’re mesmerizing. To everyone prancing around at Coachella right now: Eat your heart out.

9. Long, Straight, Rosy-Pink Hair with Stark Dye Line


This stark dye line is not something just anyone can pull off, but it looks fantastic on this woman. We’re also fangirling hard over her long locks and, duh, the super-glam rosy-pink shade she picked for the bottom three-fourths of her hair.

10. Ice-Blue-to-Blush-Pink Wavy Bob


We love how this style incorporates trendy and timeless elements: the rainbow hair colors, the red-hot bob, the old Hollywood waves. Because this look adds a touch of blue at the roots, it’s perfect for anyone who’s daring with their style while also being indecisive. If you’re torn between two pastel hair colors, just get both!

11. Chunky Long Fuscia-Pink-to-Peach-Pink Braid


This braid is going to require either a couple pairs of hands or a gal who’s very confident performing hair acrobatics on herself. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous take on the fishtail braid, and the dynamic color helps to highlight that.

12. Long, Straight, Taffy-Pink Hair with Side Part


What’s more badass than a woman with long pink hair and tattoos galore? This ethereal shade is vibrant but also subdued, making this hairstyle a stellar option for people who want a multidimensional look.

13. Thick Rosy-Pink Bob with Chunky Layers


The chunky layers in this bob inject an incredible amount of movement into what would otherwise be a relatively straightforward cut. The rosy pink shade puts the look’s coolness over the top.

14. Dusty-Pink Super-Curly Hair


This medium-length curly ‘do showcases the most gorgeous spiral curls we could ever hope to lay eyes on. But what’s truly unique about this look is the cut’s layers, the dramatic side part, and the sweet dusty-pink coloring throughout.

15. Katy Perry’s Wavy Fuscia-Pink Bob


As usual, Katy Perry looks like a trillion bucks with her wavy locks done up in a bright rainbow hue. This time it’s muted shade of fuschia, which works well with her outfit (because if your hair color doesn’t perfectly match your outfit, you’re doing it wrong—by megarich celebrity standards, anyway).

16. Medium-Long Hot-Pink Waves


This rich shade is an interesting compromise between shockingly bright and softly subdued. The dynamic shade fits well with this woman’s waves, which begin in the middle of her hair.

17. Thick Fuscia-Pink Curled Bob


Something about this image just screams “black-and-white movie still.” Maybe it’s this woman’s bouncy curls or her dramatic gaze (and dramatically long eyelashes). Either way, we’re happy it’s in color, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to spy this vibrant pink hue.

18. Bubblegum-Pink Straight Bob


Though this woman’s mane has a pretty decent heft to it, this cut would be ideal for anyone with thin hair. The angling at the face gives it the extra special touch needed to take it out of ho-hum territory. Something about this look that’s unequivocally not ho-hum? Its lovely shade of pink.

19. Long, Straight, Magenta-Pink Hair with Layers


This deep, magenta-pink shade packs quite the punch. It’s so rich and multi-toned that it almost—almost—looks like it could be natural. Even though this woman’s hair lacks a wave or curl, it has tons of dimension due to the long layers throughout.

20. Coral/Hot-Pink Messy Mid-Length Hair


We’re getting all googly-eyed over this bright shade of red-coral-pink-whatever-it-is. The chunky layers of this medium-long cut are definitely pulling their weight alongside the radiant color.

21. Cotton-Candy-Pink Highlights in a Side Dutch Braid


Here’s a unique way to show off your pink highlights strategically with your hairstyle. The side Dutch braid is not only super trendy, but it works to take in the pieces of hair that have been highlighted and display them proudly to the world.

22. Shiny Long Strawberry-Pink Hair in a High Ponytail


When set against this woman’s dazzlingly shiny long hair, this strawberry-champagne hue is the stuff of pure magic. Throw in a high ponytail and wrap some hair around the band, and you’ve got yourself an epic hairstyle.

23. Messy Hot-Pink/Fuscia/Rainbow Hair


Feast your eyes upon a true rainbow-hair-color look, folks. This woman’s gorgeous head of messy waves incorporates blue, green, and lavender at the ends, while the crown is firmly set in a feisty hot pink. That teal winged eyeliner though . . .

24. Long Crimped Dusty-Pink Hair


Are we on a movie set? No? We’re still planted firmly on the couch? OK. We had to double-check, because these long, wavy tresses seem too good to be real to us. They work perfectly with the dusty-pink hue, which results from a blend of light and deep pink.

25. Long Curled Hair with Purple-to-Hot-Pink Ombre Color


If you were hoping to find a hairstyle that would stop people dead in their tracks, you’ve found it. The sumptuous purple at the roots cascades down to become a shocking shade of hot pink.

26. Long Messy Hot-Pink Punk Hairstyle


We’re feeling this look too, girl. We’re into the bright pink color, exposed roots, and messy, DGAF nature of this hairstyle. Pair it with some dramatic makeup, and you’re sure to kill it wherever you go.

27. Wavy Rosé-Pink Mid-Length Hair


If there’s one shade here that makes us want to grab a cold bottle of rosé and hit up a sunny patio, this is it. The fabulous hue is perfect for summer, and the wavy long bob cut is going to be on point regardless of the season.

28. Long Dark-to-Light-Pink Hair


This multidimensional color may be easy on the eyes, but we’re betting it was hard to achieve for the master colorist who spent hours working on it. The deep color at the roots mellows out into a nearly white-pink shade at the ends, and we couldn’t be more in awe.

29. Bold Bright Hot-Pink Hair with Side-Swept Bangs


This razored cut, with its many choppy layers, looks magnificent with a deep, dazzling shade of hot pink applied. We also love this woman’s side-swept bangs and spunky attitude.

30. Well-Blended Black-to-Hot-Pink Hair in a Long Stick-Straight Bob


We have one word for the way this hot pink/coral shade has been so carefully blended into this woman’s black hair: artistry. Her long stick-straight bob, with its freshly snipped ends, looks sophisticated and classy. But coupled with the funky color, it still has a sense of fun and lightheartedness.

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