Blue Hair

Rainbow hair colors—you’ve seen them on Pinterest, Instagram, and in your wildest hair fantasies. There’s pink, for those who want to infuse their look with a cheerful, girlish energy. There’s purple, which has a moodier, more dramatic effect. And there’s gutsy green, a color that’s a little sarcastic, a lot feisty, and a whole hell of a lot unexpected.

While every color in the rainbow hair trend has its own unique appeal, no other color communicates a sense of boldness and daring like blue hair does. By the sheer act of immersing your mane in a color so atypical, you tell the world that you’re not afraid to be noticed.

But within the realm of blue hair there are hundreds of shades you can choose from, and each one has a slightly different aura from the next. Go for a deep, rich blue and make your look glam-punk. Ask your colorist to use a soft pastel blue, and bestow upon yourself the title of Supreme Ice Queen of Winter 2015–2016.

So, the question comes down to, What’s your mood? What shade of blue do you fancy? If you need a few ideas, check out the medley of 24 blue hairstyles below. We know you’ll find a hue that’s all you.

1. Long Thick Bright Cobalt-Blue Hair with Slight Ombre Effect


We’re falling hard for this thick, long, ever-so-slightly messy mane. The blue coloring—deep cobalt-blue at the base, lighter ice-blue at the ends—looks sensational. One thing we didn’t expect was how much blue hair could make blue eyes pop.

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