Platinum Blonde Bob

It’s a scientific fact: Going blonde will forever and ever be a way for women with darker hair to make their look fun, flirty, and light. Going platinum blonde, however, is in a category all its own. Even though such a light shade can have an age-defying effect, making a woman appear younger than she is, it can also communicate a sense of boldness and fearlessness. Take, for instance, big-screen icons like Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, and Lana Turner, or rockers like Debbie Harry and Madonna. Those gals made damn sure that when people thought of them, they pictured a strong, confident woman oozing sex appeal and sporting a signature crop of bleach-blonde hair.

Thankfully white-blonde — aka ice-blonde — hair still has the same effect today. And all signs are pointing to 2016 being the year of the Platinum Blonde Bombshell. To which we inevitably say: Ice, ice, baby. 

1. Long Messy Platinum Blonde Hair with Low-Key Middle Part


The waves say “easy breezy boho,” but the platinum blonde coloring says “ice queen royalty, bow before me.” The frizz and slight tangles throughout, combined with those always-flattering face-framing strands, make this one incredibly easy style to pull off.

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