When winter’s bluster starts to wane and summer weather skips back in, we begin thinking about hot-weather fashion, makeup, and, of course, hair. A lot of people think that summer hair equals blonde—light blonde. It makes sense, right? When that big, beautiful polka dot in the sky we call the sun gets its shine on, we spend more time outside, which leads to more exposure to its rays, which leads to lighter hair. (And sunburns, if you’re not careful. Insert plug for sunscreen here!)

But there’s a shade that’s perfect for any season, and that’s dark blonde (also known as “bronde” or “nude hair,” if you prefer using one of those trendy monikers). Dark blonde hair can also easily transition between seasons, due to its in-between nature. Because bronde is having a moment, it’ll look especially hot this spring and summer. So what are you waiting for? Grab your shades and swimsuit, because we’re about to make the heat index soar with these 15 sizzling shades of dark blonde hair.

1. Cara Delevingne’s Natural Ash Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Highlights


Cara Delevingne is our beauty icon (OK, one of many). We’re not ashamed to admit that we’d likely mimic even her worst style faux pas — as if that could ever happen — just to prove our devotion to her. True to rebel form, our girl Cara more or less started the dark-blonde trend late last year, and here she’s still rocking it. Her long ash-blonde locks have an epic sheen to them, and the highlights provide mega-depth.

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